Monthly Archives: May 2021

“Fear Orgy”

It is A prank call To your libido As you withstood six blows And they got you with the seventh On the Sabbath day Nothing running free and The flesh hound cowering All grayed from Noise and tremor

“It Would Appear That I am Here All Alone, or, Steering Edification”

I drive to the library with high hopes, A car pulling out of the narrow, Curved exit right as I’m Trying to pull in. . I walk in to the scene Of a man talking very loudly To his four-year-old kid Who was, himself, Very loud. . I walk back to 813. . I look […]


I once met a man on the street and In an explosion of light He gave me a smile, Some humor, And a piece of advice That stuck with me forever As my beacon in life. . I would see that man at the grocery store and There would always be somebody in front of […]

“Our Neighbor Shoots His Gun off”

I’m living out here in the middle of nowhere Two miles south of South Bend Because in town there are burglaries in Every neighborhood I can afford. . It’s ok, in general, Nice and comfortable, But sometimes when I’m heading out of town at night After work Into the endless black abyss I get this […]