Monthly Archives: February 2024

“Carmel, Ind.”

We all got the programs When we were in our seats, Glossed them, The faceless corporate nothingness, The ladies who don’t mean anything With fake tans and the Spatial abyss between Noblesville and the city and It was another underdog night When I set out darker than black For a cheap good time And found […]

“Untitled 365”

It comes again and it’s crazy, like a universe-spanning landscape of pastoral light. I’m surprised that it doesn’t feel like the Narcissistic days of college — the tendrils of awkward, sarcastic puns, of that Supergrass CD, of ideals and a start and an end. I think about younger people. The world is on fire in […]

“The Little Wife on Riverside Dr.”

She stands ardently on the porch Administering to two men, A husband and A worker. . Her arms are folded and she is Stationary within her domain. . She smiles and nods, Of slender jawline, Neck, waist, And low height. . I pass by her and her Eyes seem to absorb me Within an orb […]

“A Quiet Day”

A drone sidled its way down from the cumulus assemblages with curious casualness, one day, after the apocalypse. The people had all fled for the seas, which were salty and piping hot. The enterprise was completely still. The drone made its way to one of the old stockyards. It couldn’t feel it but the ghosts […]