Monthly Archives: September 2015

“Seeing Red”

You are a force greater than me, I should have known it a while ago. . Now I am in arbitrary crime, Causing horrors in passers by, As anyone in my situation would do.

“No Basketballs Allowed Downtown”

The will is there Among the populace To turn our faculties, Our butterflies to buzzards, And we index when this happens, People set back their own lifetimes, Nothing more, Nothing less.

“Love Song for a Grid”

Can you purify What was in the past made false? Where so many said, The cloudy days will dampen your spirit, The sounds of factories and motors Will lay waste to your thoughts, Can we still find that rhythm down there, That crest of divinity Made to buzz so wildly with rare abandon That others, Frail […]

“Fishing in the Sandbox again”

Eventually all charm and magic go out of a situation, and the enterprise becomes machinated. Fear takes over, in the mind that notices the dwindling of general good will. It becomes the objective to simply avoid disaster, rather than imbue light and kindness. In a society that’s already dangerous, the suspicion of impending disaster tends […]

“Dance for the Streets”

So finally, I’ve found my inner reaches, My inner song, And if I were to follow it to its full destination, It would take me to Chicago, To the middle of all the action, To all the colors and lights, Where the only wrong is indolence, Where buxom young women shrug and giggle In black […]


If we reach elation, Never say that it was easy, Or that it was meant all along, . Because we’re not just two fibres, And all along our paths were beset by opposition, Quagmires through which unflagging discernment Went to dispel other deluges which At present We mutually care not to discuss.

“Slaves to the Masses”

One galvanized artist Undergoes a tremendous amount of fear Under a veritable boulder of vision, And in studying this we will see how Only through true realization of self Will sustained, constant and reliable entities in life Manifest themselves, And when we save ourselves, We save others too, Whether or not that was actually our […]

“Realization’s Quills”

I wonder what it takes to touch her hand And see how her heart feeds her ergonomics, Sun-scorched vision re-calibrating and doling its own cruelty, Wading through human realizations Juggling animal needs. . Common good will is logical, not pure: So on her way to realization of her own overture, She will sift and specify, […]

“4:57 pm”

I can see her now, Sitting happily In a moment she hadn’t foreseen, Taken by inclinations so minute To be unmistakably her own, Her own sins That she swats at Because to become them Is to kill their embryonic song, Decadent indulgence the only way.

“The Wind Doesn’t Know Anyway”

I was never one for praying. If I have to kneel to be good, That just means my standing could use some work, I’d rather fix my standing, Or walking, I’ll walk to J Church, Alice in Chains, Across hippie lines and Napalming the carburetor lunges.