Monthly Archives: March 2020

“Social Distancing”

When you’re inside of that thing, Oozing your vapors out its catastrophic edges and Thinking of it lasting in angry fortitude After you’re dead   Well you kick and flail, Speak in gibberish and Make a helicopter with your shirt Over your head   But now that metal thing outside of you Has incurred some […]

“Gray Skies, Translucent Toxins”

It’s basically just unreal, at this point. But it was last Friday, a week ago today, that I quit my job during a panic attack, attempting to talk with masked customers under a boisterous, crowded din, and all the basketball games got cancelled. I think they’d already slated the NCAA’s to be played in gyms […]

“The Sun is a Leo”

In this day of death It’s hard to believe But the sun is out On a Sunday The sun never dies it only Has good days and bad days Like everybody else, it only Wants your attention boundlessly And eternally waiting on Those darn clouds to dissipate so it can Bang out its chords of […]

“Another Side of My Eyes’ Retreat”

I gloat at the women, Remind them that men lead lives of honor, Of glory,   Men fight battles, Work long, hard days, Sleep more wounded nights and Daunt themselves with danger,   But how the women provide nice smiles And simple nothings To keep our minds off the harshness of the day   And […]