Monthly Archives: October 2017

“A Sideways Baseball Hat Gone Bad”

The most heart breaking thing Was when I knew that the tabernacle would not change me — I was looking at it as if within the center of desire Like an agent bound always to his jealousies and attritions To where even to walk the street seemed like just the half hock — Me stepping […]

“I See Her Sometimes”

And yes I guess it’s true she is just a facade, similar to how women don’t know how to use language, no one does, we just smile as we enter and exit surveillances with the vague proudness of a distant call in our minds — it hurts more when they’re shy, though, and their eyes […]

“Like Unformed Piano Keys”

I kept seeing objects that were all the same, Little blue/white star shapes In pale porcelain, Unshining and embarrassed And I thought, Well this is wrong, Along With how the objects implied a certain intricacy Making them the works of a master And so I lashed out like a volcano, Thinking, Oh, This sameness, I’ll […]