Monthly Archives: August 2019

“One Time I Accidentally Showed This Like 13 Year Old Girl My Co** and it Was Like the Most Beautiful Thing”

You know how South Bend, Indiana is — something propelled me to go out at like three in the afternoon on a day off and get hammered. Anyway, I was riding my bike back home a couple hours later and had to drain the main vein. There was this giant pine tree I thought I’d […]

“Sunshine Sammy Says / Part 62”

* Sunshine Sammy returns: “Why don’t you like my dog, a**hole?” Hey, Rick. It’s me, Sammy, from the other day. You were over. Yeah, how’s it goin’. Look, why don’t you like my dog, a**hole? Its name is Gertrude and I hope you know she’s got gout, arthritis and a metal plate behind her ear. […]

“Red Like the Sun”

Now we see With James Brown blaring in the background On a booming jukebox   The spectacle of America That evades reason — The skin-blessed women Dancing next to the athletes, The purveyors of life, blood and vibrancy,   The whole system of deluge Within want, an orgiastic orchestra Of that for which man will […]


It wasn’t originally conceived as funny, Though it seems our only choice to treat it as such, Our platform of deaths and Mocking skies in this Post-catastrophic idea farm Where light dies and is mimicked With faces in temporary shapes  

“A Snapshot”

Today, For the first time, At my seasoned age   I am a trespasser on this land And I see things which are like molecules,   Little vacuoles of anger come To spit fire now And taste their own ashes later.