Monthly Archives: August 2017

“The 401K Stands”

That was what you wanted, Samuel L. Jackson, Just one more pay check — Just one more month in your expensive home In which you keep up with the Jones’s In the Hollywood myth That no “bad mother fu**er” Would ever give two sh**s about.


It’s she She it’s A large ghost, A feather, Large buttocks and breasts You walk into work again She’s there This time you think you’ll be open But she’s there again With those eyes, With that pussy, Those eyes that seem protected by a jungle forcefield She smiles vacantly Later you will hear that she […]

“How Dumb Was THAT Marijuana Legalization change.org Petition”

Good God, I just read the stupidest fu**ing change.org legalization of marijuana petition, an especially unfortunate thing seeing as dumbness attached to the marijuana campaign is obviously bad news for its supporters. First of all, I can’t stand these mass e-mails wherein the messages say my name at the top, as if this person I don’t […]

“Another Decade Almost over”

I was trying In my mind To come to a conclusion On just how humanity can Lower their heads and trudge On Despite all the problems we face, . But all I could grasp was a vision — Like a darkening of a day Even amidst sunlight And worlds coming and going but Constantly shifting, […]

“A Mosquito Tickles Indiana Ave.”

The thought concerns you That at one time or another, With or without lighting of various kinds, You will have Thoughts which are inexpressible, And you will have Expressions which are unthinkable, . When all you want to be is good enough for your friends, All you want to be is good enough for your […]

“Beneath the Blistering Sun”

A child gazes at the essence of life, Which is: “Youth is better than wisdom,” The tenet in mind all the time, albeit, That “Wisdom” And “Pain” Are inseparable, And so he goes brambling between pear trees On an empty afternoon