Monthly Archives: November 2017

“A Play”

“Hi,” she said. “I’m Holly Herndon. I teach English.” I said ‘hi’ back, very diminutively, as the condition of somebody walking on eggshells. I was, after all, in a high school. For years and years, I’d had the career aspiration to be a teacher, but had been held back continuously by the religious right in […]

“Upon the Clouds of Sense”

I noticed something about life tonight: that it’s constantly, frivolously and aimlessly composed of bout of worship after bout of worship, until we all die. And in every place with more than one individual to choose from, it’s a mutually exclusive choice of whom to worship, and whom to tolerate, the “toleration” then rendered a […]

“Stripes Bending or Bending Another”

It’s Within These colors of brightness, boldness, opposites and statements, That I thought the crucifix across my face Would be bequeathed clemency In these close corridors where So many women turn abruptly, Turn in alarm, Where another creature Crawls out Of seemingly nowhere, of seemingly death, To fixate upon an unknown goal as if in […]