Monthly Archives: March 2017


Expensive things are likely to be what they claim to be, and cheap things are likely to actually embody unwanted scraps and byproducts of what is unfeelingly thrown away, then regathered as a false assemblage. In this way, “identity” and “quality” are really one and the same, and the only things that are “bad” are […]

“Face Like a Calling Card”

As I am writing this, things are crashing toward me, events are crashing toward me, evidenced if only from the fact that we’re hurling through space on this ice ball. This would seem to render us all small, but just as they say that our greatest fear is that we’re powerful, rather than powerless, I’ve […]

“Acute Schizophrenia”

I remember this from the only time I ever did acid — I wrote a paper for English and I completely lost the ability to organize thoughts To where my priority became relaying the intense feeling of joy I had From listening to music like the Grateful Dead’s “Fire on the Mountain” And Soul Coughing’s […]

“Untitled 199”

Haha wow… I just woke up from the spookiest dream about the essence of creation. Deep stuff, and yet so simple, in a way. Did you know that thought and physical form are exactly correlative to each other, in terms of phases of formation? It might have taken a couple swatches (maybe three, as long […]

“Untitled 198”

I have seen perfection, And it looked not like these structures we build, In fact it was simple, And fleeing A woman’s eyes that Were memorably wistful, A presence, A smile That betokened breeze