Monthly Archives: May 2024

“It’s 66 Degrees out and Sunny”

There was this girl today in Whole Foods Issuing an ear-piercing, vitriolic Peal of screaming for About seven minutes or so. . The dad was standing there Not really doing much of anything, Just attempting to reprimand the girl, Basically. . It just made it worse. . I heard something she uttered During the din […]

“In a Rock Band”

She took the low road Full of sand and mud And now her face is but a mask. . The camera never really flashes to her And when it does It’s like it still didn’t flash to her. . She is a walking indication Of what it’s like to give up, To set the exclamation […]

“Sociological Equations”

Birth plus ennui Equals classical music. . Globalization Plus economic depletion Equals jazz. . Globalization plus Economic depletion Plus defunding of public schools’ Music programs in New York Equals hip-hop. . Slavery Equals Gospel. . Slavery Plus globalization Equals rock and roll. . Globalization Plus something Equals country… . I’m not sure what or where […]

“A Moral Quandary”

I saw this post I like on Facebook But I’m not sure if I should like the page. . They might think I’m creepy. . And they might be the benefactor of my will. . And they might be The party that decides Whether or not my life insurance plan Kicks in After I die. […]