Monthly Archives: June 2016

“Ceramic Tiles Made by Goonies, Goblins”

Under the grand patronage of Alcohol flowing to her brain, The glutton, The harlot we all love Employing the fluorescent lights So they have something to shine on When the Crazy Horses are stabled, The gluttony imbibes, With every ceramic tile dissonance, The crassness of being lost, The hopelessness of deliberately, The deliberate heaping of […]

“Cannibal Missives”

I now lie As a lone wolf in an empty field, The wind dead, The chirping guppies respiting In a nearby stream — . I tend to my duties, But as the sun scorches my fur I feel this life ending, I feel the meat making Recourse . Of all those corpses I rendered, needing […]

“I Stood Pointing”

The rain came down, and we were washed into a situation of uncertainty, in mid-March. It was one of those days when your chest feels sore, when the steely cars race by more incognito than ever, like so many alien constructions strewn effervescently across what is soon to be your past, and never anything more. […]

“A Case Study: Does it Matter Who the Fu** James Joyce Is?”

Ulysses, voted the premiere novel of the 20th century, has been called “one of the most beautiful pieces of writing of all time.” Multifarious and composed of sovereign sections, one of which is a play within the novel, another of which is an extended session of structureless stream-of-conscious narrative, it boasts sentences which zoom along […]