Monthly Archives: March 2018

“The CVS Clerk Will Be Gone Soon”

Walking Through downtown Sometimes with the baldhead On 52 degree nights Getting off from my line cook job and Going back home to my noisy apartment in the ghetto, I stop into CVS for a pack of beers. The girl working there I have a crush on. She reminds me a little of the Progressive […]

“A Couple of Observations Regarding My Attempt to Learn German”

Just a couple of weeks or so, I had an experience that was possibly sort of meaningful: I fell in love with beer all over again, in a sense. I mean have you ever noticed how cool the German term for “brewery” looks on the Beck’s pack (“brauerei”)? It sounds like some sweet Jeff Spicoli […]

“The Dream Somatic”

Sometimes in life There’s a girl In the low light And she’s smiling . And you say something nonsensical to her Once, Only once, As an affidavit to your own blood inside you . To set swirling mosaics up at the stars, Within this interface disguised as repetition.

“A Randomness Missive”

The sky shoots your thoughts ahead of you — Your little identity is there In nativity set grey matter and That is when they want to kill you, When they are subservient to that.

“Hmm, I Never Knew That…”

Hmm, I never knew that, That life is shingled, That experiences Are Planted In me Just as Hatched there By self and that People will Notice When I start Flailing my arms Around or walking around… It’s the inner beat.

“Plans and Engagements”

We are living now in a time of ultimate truth And the truth, In turn, Is just lies. . Don’t ever tell anybody the truth: Keep them on clouds. It’s the only way and it Always has been.