Monthly Archives: June 2020

“Kansas City”

Kansas City, I saw you, One time, . As I climbed a little plateau with My stretch of I-70 angling to the left And I LOOKED to the left To behold the face of the organism Whose vessels I’d just traversed in auto. . You seemed to smile at me And at the whole country […]

“Time Slips in and out of Consciousness”

The man is in a large SUV Parked at a red light In the middle of town. . He sees me start to turn right And inches up forward, Slowly, In his car, Face looking at me and braced In a coiled state of adversarial vigilance. . In his mid-forties and smooth-faced, He smokes on […]

“Celestial Roller Skating”

When you get the impression that somebody behind you Is checking you out, It’s the gods in heaven Telling you that somebody is checking you out. . It’s not radiation. You would know. Don’t thank them. Live your life. You don’t owe them a thing.


I’m here today to write about success because I know what it is. Success creeps into the mind of a sweaty, bearded man whose phone just broke. Success lights the eyes of people in Papua New Guinea when the first cool breeze of fall wafts pungently off of the ocean. Success crouches, evaporates, surprises and […]