Monthly Archives: November 2015

“Gas Station Coffee”

I sort of toggle between mindsets, One mindset where I think things can be easy, After I’ve tilled the field Of life And I’m still adrift in my time Amidst computers that sit stone faced To outlive the tao of Africa, . And when I’m battling in fisticuffs, To end up low down On the […]

“Dewey Gaze”

A young man of his adages Cloaked in maxed fleetingness Approached me on the bridge’s overpass And inquired as to the dewey, Prostrate tinge my irises displayed, . And with some reluctance Before the torpid facets inherent to life, I told him I’d just seen a 17 year old virgin girl With wavy hair . […]

“The Deep Things That Mesmerize Men”

The deep things that mesmerize men Are a topic I think about a lot, . From taking in trees to Rembrandt’s “The Rich Man in His Office,” Who was rich, As we know, If only in spirit A carbon bomb of that which he beholds. . But no matter what flies your kite, What suits […]


Take away all names, and rat-a-tat-tat, there go all the problems. Who could have a venture for gain, without a name? Where would the gain go? All he’d have is moments, just understanding, if I’ve got enough gas in my car, I’ll give some to you, hope the ice age doesn’t come like they say […]

“Apparatus Be Next”

With the seeds of mice in mind And feeling the hot gray sun On my back, my neck like a strumpet, . I tune in, to What is left of my life, The dust between the cars Forming an apex of my harm That everybody must know, So many to the north With social security […]

“The Sky’s Sour Turn”

It is from the sky That we learn abnormal truth, The passion of the heart’s hate To tell the utmost forthrightness To the aging, the un-psychedelic, . And then we go angry In bottomless quagmires To measure up to that ever fleeing image Which is only inside, anyway, And which we will become again, Subtracted, […]


I wanted to take acid, Once, And just walk around my town Wearing headphones But not listening to the music, Just feeling all those images Crystalizing in time, Immortalizing only to be vanquished, Geese carving out their niches, Squirrels hunting for bounties So petty that it would blow your mind, . I wanted to hear […]

“Graced with Erasure”

Even the good music, It takes you mad places, And along those places You’re still seeing the good and the bad, So it’s . Cosmic all the time, Or back to the machine, Stasis known only in surrender And life one precipice After another.

“Grafted from under the Wood”

I slipped, And dripped, And a year went past Where I didn’t even make a sound, Didn’t wanna make the wrong one Didn’t wanna look out my window And see faces of hate By the same old tennis court, Half the time the enemy coming in exotic So I don’t even wanna play… . But […]

“Celebrity Projection”

There’s Donald Trump’s face again… I can FEEL my superiority to him, Every time I scroll down, Imbibe his current activities, And fully digest All the labyrinthine aspects of his current wrongdoing — Cognitive ground like waterskis, More fun for the thin sloshing, Breakneck speed and black-knob madness.