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“The Displeasure Principle: A Phone Conversation”

“Listen, Fred. I’ll explain women in expedited fashion. At least women around here. They operate on the displeasure principle. It’s similar to the concept of in Indian times the father asking for gifts of animals for the daughter’s hand in marriage. They require a sacrifice. They think of themselves as prizes, as gifts, almost like […]

“The Salesman”

I walk into the Verizon store where my mom is waiting for me. We’re set to get a new phone for me. I’m on her plan that she’s not even on, if that gives you any idea of how fu**ed up this whole situation is. When I walk into the store, I notice the salesman’s […]

“Untitled 357”

They got the kid For pacing up and down the sideline When the ball was nowhere near — Technical foul, one shot for the other team. . The kid was in a long-sleeve t-shirt And it was his first time being On cable TV in his entire life. . I thought of the man in […]