Monthly Archives: July 2022

“Untitled 338”

How many times do I have to learn That my self isn’t solid? . In all my delusional excursions Onto a throne in my mind To . Chase a sleazy victory Of separation and finality I missed what I really wanted -. The bone-gristle-cerrating . Ardor of fast-paced interaction Which would yield The inclination . […]

“After the Storm”

Nobody has an ego Today As mother nature has taught us what we are… Mortal. . Today, We are all identical nodes of spirit On our own, separate fractions And it feels ok . As the world has turned and Subsumed itself in volcanic light works And Nothing seems the same.  

“South Bend, Pt. 2”

My former boss At the bar Unfriended me on Facebook And won’t let me follow her on Instagram. . The last time I talked to her, She gave me a hug. . I’m not sure why, But her bust has like doubled in size Since I worked for her six years ago. . And now […]