Monthly Archives: January 2017

“You Have Arrived”

That’s something that’s hard for everyone — To quell the absolute expungement of energyIn favor of somethingThat would actually make sense If you were to look at the larger scope of the world,The globe,The blues,The greens, The million waiting eyesWatching on YOU,As the axes fly on the TV screen.

“Holey Socks”

Oh, ThereMust be something more you’re seeing. .That’s Why you stareAn extra three secondsWith moonlight, lampshade eyes,.Before we Go doWhat I had suggested anyway, With shaky hands before the closing of one more terrarium..Oh,ThereMust be something more .You’re seeing, which is whyI never see you,You’re hidingBehind the Moon’s new phaseWith brandished artilleryPointed at the insides […]


So much wisdom was balled up in the eye roll of the father as he beheld the day. “Well,” he said. “I guess we gotta go do laundry today.” They were in America, the land of “tryin’ to get this day over with.” The kid hung close to his father, mimicking all of his movements, […]

“The Scarlet Alphabet”

We are waiting Now Waiting for the revolution Which will be retaliatory and bloody After so many lain slain Within garish neon lights and street signs Inundating our mountain valleys and our Nervous city streets — We hate, Because to Lower ourselves To a reality of those streets, We know, Is non-literary gristle making.

“America’s Macro-Sexism, and Why it Makes Sense, in a Way”

This is just an observation, for anybody concerned: there is some obvious sexism going on in the United States against women, and the defeat of Hillary Clinton in the presidential election is an indication of this. And I don’t even necessarily mean a sexism on the part of the people who voted against her — […]