Monthly Archives: February 2020

“Lift the Veil”

The reason why you felt low, Generic, small and uneasy Sitting in that room and Professing yourself in a Guileless and honest way might be that That’s actually a hazardous condition — Your fears were perfectly justified for their Lack of umbrella under life’s noxious judgments, “Success” being like a Destination of frozen fog

“Beer Gut Oranges”

Girls don’t like it when you have a beer gut And girls don’t like it when you look around at everyone in the room All the time When you’re sitting in the computer lab Not appearing to do much of anything But girls go down deep And they’re fishing for something Within themselves That is […]

“There Weren’t Any Librarians over by the Drop Box”

I was walking around the library again, with apparent directionlessness. It wasn’t so much that I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but rather that there was nothing on the premises I didn’t want to do. I even liked looking out the window and at the fish tank in the kids’ section. Something brought […]

“The Sounds the Frogs Make When They Leap onto the Electric Lillipads”

When you’re sitting there in the bar Sometimes It’ll seem like a world of possibilities is open And it is   It is the decompressor For the multitudinous populace as   It was even for this ferociously beautiful Young girl of about 24 or 25.   She hung out for a little bit… She seemed […]

“Amongst the Barracks of My Hometown, Late January”

It’s right in the middle of town Sports on the TV and No attractive women anywhere,   So I think, If ever there were a time For getting down to brass tacks, This would be it.   I order something very plebian, A pint of Coors Light, Tip well and sit there watching the Houston […]