Monthly Archives: October 2023

“Astrological Shift”

This is one crazy zodiac we’re entering here, As if the sun’s fire has become semantic In its molten, all-encompassing rage to Drive our shadows to precipice And our shadows will dance and sing In careless, timeless zeal, with Faces glued in burning identity, A 90-mile-per-hour Omniscience factory.

“Military Curmudgeon”

His car is smeared heavily With bumper stickers of aggression — Armed Forces, All gave some some gave all, And then A curious permutation, you might say, In “Bite me,” The words juxtaposed next to the “Don’t tread on me” snake, . The question then, perhaps, Being Begged As to why we fight wars And […]

“Mocking Replica Fire Eye”

Stevie Wonder is laying down the truths On the mic But in your mind Is the carnage, Is Sandra Bullock speeding Through a city of retractable roof stadiums And so the truth hits your mind And dies like old leftovers With the mocking fire eye of America Berating down on you, Its poison running through […]