Monthly Archives: April 2015

“This is Our Blue Sky Today, In Indiana”

Where we didn’t necessarily want you to think we were of the east, No, We’re west of a lot of things, Just ask . The frazzled tulips descending up the buildings, This blue sky We lassoed and Lysoled, We’ve craved It for eons with 50 Ft of Gravity harking down Upon one man who discards […]

“Borders on”

Will all music have this drawl, will all music have this subordinateness, a spiritual subordinateness that ignores the things in life that are really beautiful, like a cat ascending to a window sill and aligning its little jaw perfectly for the crescent moon. When we will turn off the noise, and get back to music.

“Cursed to Be a Spy”

It’s all been a mistake, And cursed here with a cherry brandy Do I . Retrace How they all did it, Those seven droves In . Veils That raced By me . Showing nothing but the Human delicatessen Of success.


There was supposed to be a bond TIGHT And it was called music, . There should have never been any question That we’d have something to give each other And it was from our souls, It was a gold-dust . A deep understand that the most sophisticated animals Make night time tabernacle Out of the […]

“Wilting Flower”

Chances are, All that action afforded you delusional thought tendencies, Realms and tropes in which everything is fun, . You stand within shapeshifting summits Making bearable What shouldn’t be… . And time’s beaming just Cloaks the mind’s avatar In empty shavings of dreams, Necklaces of false hope, And you ride further from promise.


There it is, The pulping light again, As you put your face up . And ask what it’s all worth, Life on this planet when You can threaten without even trying, When you’re measured by your potential To unintentionally harm others, Take from them things they think they need.

“Yinned and Yanged”

You sit there with them on your mind, The habits, And maybe you were just Channeled into a room with them, You were sewn . Through Many a room, In the land of the free, And now it’s in your eyes You’re just . Like Everyone else, it’s Lunging desperation At the . Sight of […]

“Heaven’s Thread Frayed”

Sometimes I wake up and think, All of this is so foreign, How can anything Ever be made, . How could it be but by force When to know any one thing Beyond a shadow of a doubt Walking by the river But being glimpsed By mortality like a cutting talon Is so impossible.

“Starving and Staving”

My juiced melons Are Being Translated . Right now On the other side of the world To bounce Off a bridge in Cinematic Chicago, Destroyed.

“Putting Myself out There”

I’d like To earn a meal And beer table, Airports well Lit for people Who engorge happiness.