Monthly Archives: July 2015

“When You Get to Your Section of the Pavilion”

The oeuvre of beauty Glows lightly To find fault in the darkness, To seek out its entrails and there blaspheme pure miracle. . Find a way, Then, To respect yourself, Because that is the only way, Even . As it seems antithetical, These little glowing pantomimes everywhere Seeming to exude such poignance, Bless even them […]

“Cords Belting”

When we get together, And we’re smiling, We’re realizing our true potential, And it’s nothing like The money man said, In fact I don’t see him anywhere, He’s up in his high rise, The last to hear when anything’s happening.

“Society’s Wake”

So in interacting with the women, We find also That the women are in revealing clothing In the workplaces As if Pulling the last card from their hand . And I’m not sexist, I’m not the one to say that this was their only card All along, . But maybe it’s the one we gave […]

“Oratory for the American Left Liberal, 2015”

No opinion could ever be as good as pedagogy, and at the fertile basin of pedagogy are genuine human interest, and genuine human kindness. The desire to help is the primary human quest, and should always preclude, and precede, semantics of right and wrong.

“’I Know You’ll Be a Good Mom’”

“I know you’ll be a good mom,” I said to her. She was just smiling and being still, That way that girls have of doing, Not understandable by men. “Even if you don’t always know it,” I then put in. I didn’t gauge her expression after I said this, But I got to thinking, I […]

“A Bridge over a Sapphire Blue River”

I want to know If you’ve ever got a smile from someone To last your whole life . Like being in life’s jugular vein From a pulmonary explosion Of understanding, Simplicity and peace, . And there’s a shining within you, As you close the purple drapes And curtains On shortcoming


It’s while we’re waiting for that message, Our lives hanging in the balance Of circles on a scan tron sheet, That we develop the unrest, . Having seen how human goodness is unusable, Having seen how human goodness Betokens the shreds of mockery Like chloroform floating above the doorway And Indians’ graves.

“Child Support”

A portion of your paycheck Goes to funding The sedative drugs You need In order to do your job In a mentally And physically Supportable State of mind. . You are on Your own Child support.


I assume you get that I was just “Providing you information,” That is, It just now hit you, But you don’t care, Because you’re carrying the tabernacles’s attention The centerpiece Of two tattooed, muscle-bound boys And . I’d see you Wedged between them In your own sort of glee, I liked it, But not for […]

“That Explains… SO Much”

  – When you find out how much those library cops make per hour, that explains… SO much. – When you watch A League of Their Own and hear them making fun of South Bend, Indiana, and see the situation of that town through a Chicagoan’s lens, that explains… SO much. – When you hear […]