Monthly Archives: March 2023


I noticed the suicide watch post at the university and I signed up. It was to make up to $225. That seemed like good money and I’ve been going through it. I filled out the survey, with my phone number, e-mail address and all that good stuff we know and hate. And I got all […]

“Worm Moon”

The Buddha is crying. The flag is cold and shivering. Our atmosphere is wilting. . LA is poised to drown, The tide tickling the “Hollywood” sign On the side of the mountain. . I went downtown today And heard a homeless dude uttering Threats, I saw an old lady In entropy, and I Averted eye […]

“The Chicken or the Egg”

Sometimes, sitting in my hometown, in the backyard of where I lived with my mom, I’d get this electric vibe. And I just knew it was it. The lawns were all landscaped beautifully, flanked with colorful, aromatic gardens, the high school down the street procured spirited, energetic (sometimes violent) adolescents and that gas station two […]