Monthly Archives: May 2018

“Humility, or, a Dimly Tanned Blogger Prepares for Lollapalooza (Not Going to it, Just Its Remote Functionality)”

At the laundromat I see this girl I work with whose face reminds me of a flower. She looks hungover. We pretty much all drink a lot here in Terre Haute, Indiana. There probably aren’t enough bars here, incidentally, for anyone looking to corner the market. Anyway, as usual, the girl ignores me with a […]

“What Do You Want?”

The massive sea of humanity is today to me Like a mountain, with all parties looking Inward, intelligent but unconscious. . By numbing themselves with drugs, Television, rape and carnage, they Have doled unto their own devices The strength they need to cooperate with the world’s Plans for them, which was to be unwatched and […]