Monthly Archives: March 2021

“I Erect a Mountain”

I erect a mountain When I think of you and your fiery eyes Like an endless chasm of Dark, gray realizations In the eyes of jaded professors On the impossibility of happiness And the rapture laced into danger and All the while I should just Slug . Onto that mole hill I perceive with my […]


Sometimes I think about the interface of life And how sometimes we seem like a deadened Terrarium museum exhibit And then sometimes the overall enterprise Seems to breathe with fire and issue Corridors of ingenuous authenticity, . With sleep undeniably falling in that latter category as We could easily be continually functioning droids That required […]

“Love Song for Winter”

I sit here now On March 22 And think about the inappropriateness Of humming “Valentine and Garuda” By Frank Black and the Catholics As songs are only good for two seasons — Soul Coughing’s “Soft Serve” good for winter and spring and “Valentine and Garuda” good for fall and winter . Where the brown leaves […]

“At an Amber Sunset”

The nice black man Sits in his car On Twyckenham Gazing at the clear, Amber March sunset And on his face is neither victory Nor defeat Nor any type of physiognomy Reflecting a self-concept But solely absorption of the scene Which to me looks like a lie But to him is a pile of Lemon […]

“Crime and Suburbia”

The city is as if A sea of denigration Where want and need Are the formative traits, The founding priorities, And reality is just a Ream of needy eyes, Whites, Little round daggers Giving way To the pallid entropy Of stone-faced, Elevated drivers and Restaurants that they have everywhere In the nation

“My Little Love Letter to Blimpie”

Just a second ago, a Jersey Mike’s commercial came on the TV. I’ve never been to a Jersey Mike’s in my life but they seem to be doing pretty well these days, judging by the prevalence of their ad campaign. I must say, though, the sandwiches featured in the video bore a striking resemblance to […]

“Four Quadrants”

I wouldn’t mind seeing that guy and seeing what he’s up to even though he recedes every time he’s around me — gets nervous and laughs and such. But I did just hear him profess things with a directness to another type he’s around a lot — one he knows better and might be inclined […]

“Strange Love”

I didn’t put any music on Because there was a wedding going on outside And I thought about the wedding And I thought, Well, If that were me getting married, I would want everything to be just right — I wouldn’t want some random dude picking the music And playing some song about looking at […]