Monthly Archives: March 2015

“Up a Hill”

Wanna live to the fullest, Then you don’t do that, No you don’t, . Because if you had that quality Then you wouldn’t know that it existed, And what’s written upon the mighty hills Is that . The miracles already happened, Life has expounded, Permeated and retributed, And you’re lying in wait, For when you’ve […]


So much effort is placed on transcendence, How do we get out of this place, Let ourselves free, That we forget to be present, We forget to hold hands and live and let live, Steady our hand, Let the paint drip down on in for seven hours While the satellites watch us From the itchy […]

“Gravy Elixir”

My friend won’t talk to me, He’s only sending me prank texts back, But if I had the chance I’d ask him if it ever feels like The only tools on earth Are the ones he doesn’t have, Like he’s giving nothing Toward the forthing of the crown Of beat music, Highlighted Steamed and mashed […]

“A Slew”

Standing there, you’re the attack of my Slogans, pierced Red hot Under posters.

“In the Cold”

Mike, it’s funny, when me turning on a Walgreens girl hurts so bad To the old grey man in the old grey hat who’s seen it all, . His sun’s still shining but his eyes droop down, Where do we turn when all our innards is what we have left, . And oh, this day, […]

“Carving out a New Library”

And It Stands in the mercenary . Town and maybe this time it gets Those little . Nuclear rods like Homer Simpson.

“Volcano Maintenance”

I’ve been wanting for a long time to get into the art of volcano maintenance. You look into it, it blows your face up. You look into it, someone wonders what you’re doing, you HAVE something, Hey, Um, Excuse me, Um, Sir, Um, HEY SIR!, See, you don’t understand, the dying light crucified me into […]

“As Computers Get Smarter, Humans Get Stupider”

Hey, it makes perfect sense. And it was really never my intention to think this, but people in fact take such PRIDE in being stupid that it’s impossible to mistake. And by stupid, I mean, they make no attempt whatsoever to be virtuous, and take no visible or apparent scruple at exhibiting simple, forced id […]


I was fishing, And the knot in my head exploded Into dying light As I fashioned . That All these little fish Were waiting, Were . Mobile unto being At my beck and call, . And just as the druids Danced before dying, . I’ll stand before the flood Like a fly loosening up For […]


I was flipping through the dictionary And I came across . The term “strawberry blond,” And I thought, No, That’s A shot . From a doctor That I don’t need today, . I would not let Her into my pizzeria If I owned one.