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Nothing, over the years, has been more degrading to my morality and mental constitution than flattery. But then, I think, in the wide context of the universe, morality doesn’t make much sense. It’s sort of a human construction, one we’ve created in society, faced with each other, looking into black holes, blinding diamonds, of eyes, […]

“The People around Here”

Well if the people around here Thought they weren’t good enough for me I would like to just throw on the projector a Christmas tree Under which there sits a present for everyone, . And if the people around here Drive a hard line of sameness and self, Scoffing health at deluged arteries, indulging, I […]


If you’re gonna kill someone, do me a favor and do it quick, and be professional about it. If I have one complaint about planet Earth, and everything west of Erie, Pennsylvania, it’s that sh** takes too long. The difference between the Coen Brothers and Quentin Tarrantino.

“Your Fear of Public Speaking is Actually a Moral Feather in Your Cap”

It’s been said often, just like the whole everyone hearing The Velvet Underground starting a band thing: 70% of people are more afraid of speaking in front of a group than they are of dying. Something I’ve noticed is that this fear, at least in me, was greatest from around the ages of 13-22, so […]

“Slow & Fader”

Everyone Seems to Deserve each Other Once again

“Hedged Firmly within the Labyrinth”

I just saw a girl with the perfect face. Well, it was a person for the year 2015. 2015 is a year in which humanity is “totally fu**ed.” Actually, the person who said this was about eight years late in saying, At the bare minimum, Probably more like 12 years late. The breasts protruded like […]

“Hand Me the Book”

In completing the three-girl color spectrum, It made me glad I went to college, And went around those redheaded advertising majors With nothing in their eyes, When you should have been sharing, Listening to “Revival” by the Allman Bros. On Zoloft and marijuana.

“Admission of a Shortcoming”

He’s just done so many drugs. He makes beer now. 
I suck at it. So it doesn’t matter when At the bat of an eyelash I can Manifest the sunny, blue-skied world On its side.

“To Stay the Same is to Change”

Upon beholding the sixth or seventh song on the playlist My constitution knew a new behest that I couldn’t follow, I was a marble rolling around in a fixed basin On a rug under mighty lights, dwarfed, Belittled, . Under this reoccurring theme Of plastic cognition, Glaring at dust mites.

“Zeroing in”

In an adverse life, The object of reality becomes the individual, Eyes sequestered in corporeality And changed By the very oxygen he breathes.