Monthly Archives: February 2021

“Envisioning a Music Festival in the 1990s”

It once went without saying That all the freaks and weirdos Were included in the music, In the spirit of the music, Because what was really weird was The setting of the sun, The binary of the human sexes, The myth of cooperation, The oblivion to pain and the Apathy to someone else’s

“The Birds are out There Singing in the 18-Degree Day”

The birds are out there singing. . They sing with each other. . It’s hard to tell Which one starts it, But one will commence the cadence . And then another one will join in, Chirping right after the other one, In rhythm, Hence spawning a chirp from the other one, . Or one of […]

“Boarded-up Church”

16 blocks south of downtown The church stands, Paint peeling off of the outer walls and Wooden boards wedged in the Windows of yesterday, As if to keep the rats and mice warm, Or maybe to keep our hearts a little warmer. . I suppose the rodents can still pray in there But for us, […]


My oracle descended on me Like a panorama of night through Divergent clouds . When the woman struck my heart And gripped it with her hands, Clutching and shaking it into life And into cognizance. . As I stood there making small talk, Issuing smiles and Cracking amateurish jokes, . My spectacled oracle related to […]