Monthly Archives: January 2015

“A Universal February 16th”

It was February 16th, and as I walked to my car on my way into work, there was the head of a doll, just the head, hewn in a smile, rolling down the walk, parallel to the driveway, pointed toward me, as it rolled. It was my last semester of my internship before I got […]

“Implicit Speech of the Human Cacophony”

It’s an airport in Iowa, Oh, I meant we’re going to be flying over Iowa, You see the slick businessmen in slacks, Traveling is the myth — . They’ve no time to stop Here nor there, They’ll avoid the glares of the janitors, They’ll avoid the glares of the baggage clerks, Because to them everything […]

“Quick Tape”

When you search for a career path You’re stealing, Taking nebulae From different songs, . So keep this in mind Because you’ll have to pay them back In the systematic prick Of evermore.


When there’s so much you ignored, It was the low cards, The 2’s and 3’s That came to your graduation party, . While you were Alone, Waiting on your Jacks and aces, You walked under the bright lights by other people’s cars.

“Cold Front”

The idea that energy translates and travels Is primarily what’s offensive to people . I saw this girl decked out in lipstick, She didn’t usually wear it But her time had come To have a dollar sign attached to her

“Car Cadence”

And then “Soul” can run a plethora A dog walking A man Down a steep, steep hill, . As I look For Broken glass that isn’t there.


Maybe a “superego” Is just a connection to your own face, How you look away from the city and say, She doesn’t matter, That 16 year old girl In black khakis Climbing up on the booth and cleaning the table With her back to you.

“The Park Will Make its Own Diaspora”

It’s all about trying to nullify people’s power, Like a person, Like when they come up to you, What right do they have to do that? The air is rich here.

“The Green Olive Bridge”

True hedonism will get punished on its own, With lack of imagination or too much focus, And I’ve seen the symbols of cognitive elevation, Reasons you should try, . Aromas And mixtures Never quite making the same cacophony, Everything seeming impossible, Because it is.

“The Union”

The problem with “soul” Is that it’s the very antithesis of the Ability to succeed in everyday life — . A dissembled person Looking At you through the Seeds of centuries, . Much more than Anyone Should Care to take, much More Than you could Stand to grab.