Monthly Archives: April 2020

“High School”

I was developmental. That’s what they all said about me, all the time, and about all my peers. So I believed them. So life was a drifting past the next person, hoping to avoid the next cumbersome set of eyes, full of vitriol and wishing only for my demise. In third grade I’d started this […]

“Yes, I Am Rambling about Black Holes”

Just earlier today I was lying down trying to take a nap, unemployed on a Saturday that was cold and crappy, and started thinking about black holes, for some reason. As we know, they are areas deep in outer space which possess a gravitational force so heavy that not even light can escape from them. […]

“Initiating a Project Timetable”

My birthday was September 1, which I’m pretty sure is going to be the date that one day a clawed baboon is going to come out of the sky and fire-spit-bomb the entire town. We kept getting updates, the whole football game, about Hurricane Irma — the mounting death toll, the evacuated Southern towns, and […]