Monthly Archives: October 2020

“The Colors of Folly”

There are times in life When I’m literally loath Before the idea of Doing the right thing . And though that might seem a little extreme And perhaps misanthropic, It’s an inkling I have nonetheless because . A being which always does the right thing Is essentially dead — it bespeaks automation And a robotic […]


We’re inundated with so many stories of heartbreak, Of girls doing guys wrong and The world just being an unfair place For reasons along these lines, . So it’s funny to sometimes see the Reverse side of this phenomenon, A guy so draped over, gawking over a Girl, so self-centered in his commentary and so […]

“In Pursuit of an Accident”

The writings on all of the buildings had even started to seem like lies. It was to the point where everybody wanted change. You always want change. You just don’t want results from it, like that feeling of euphoria in looking down and seeing that your leg has just got hacked off by a chainsaw. […]

“Silver Storm”

Upon a brand of thought Which may have been somewhat tenacious In certain potentiated ways, I’ve realized that . The thought of failure Is necessary for the support of happiness Within the mind. . That is, Without the conception of what defines The shameful, the inadequate, The disposable or the fetid, . It’s impossible to […]

“Implications of Inclinations”

Deep down, Women know when you are in pain, Tortured, looking at them and At an impasse, And they like you for that — . They feel good in an holistic sort of way and if They don’t acknowledge this, Don’t appreciate you for the light you shine on them, If they’re cloaked in ambition, […]