Monthly Archives: February 2018

“The NBA Commissioner and the ‘Gov Bug’”

We are living in a world that sometimes resembles a combustion engine or the motion of acid inside a stomach, it seems. It consists of constant, compulsive and essentially senseless shifts in rules of how things work. The power to initiate change is true power. This is exactly what we’re witnessing, in my opinion, with […]

“2018 NBA All-Star Game First of the New-Age”

To witness ESPN’s Rob Parker stumble through an anti-Lebron rhetoric on First Take was to internalize a couple of things, none of which, unfortunately, bespoke too much good for either him or the network itself, or perhaps even the sport. One, of course, is that ESPN has devolved into a sort of big-headed, entropic mess, […]


We have lost direction, But we haven’t lost purpose — . The overall organism has taken on a shape Not indicative of the individual cogs, A fact, of course, In no way provable, But by a new, outside organism