Monthly Archives: July 2020

“Some Have No Use for Guitars”

Not many But a few In the past Have said “Forget what you know” Or “Everything you’ve ever learned is wrong.” . Well, the world beats what you know Out of you eventually, Anyway, Which is why people turn a fatal disease Into a political issue, To reignite their own vocal chords, If nothing else. […]

“Energizing Nude”

How the woman Seizes your attention In the center of town in a Lime green top, Bronzed, Exotic skin tone, . And how she thrills you when she comes over And eats what you cooked for her And talks to you, With her Relaxed arms and Gentle, open palms. . You look to her music […]

“Pictures of Sky Angels”

The woman is nothing Like a rag doll whose existence You inundate and dominate Toward procreation, . Just look at how she gravitates To the mean, catastrophic men, Taking emotional shelter under their primal developments. . She feels immense, Intense physical pain In copulation and childbirth, Will shower in any slew of reigning gifts and […]

“Beams of Night”

I see your world now And how Your sky Is a canopy of fire and dragons . And So that Is . What you Give Back to the world . As a natural unfolding Of the day