Monthly Archives: November 2016

“Illogical Willingness”

My sister, when I went out and visited her, used to drive to 7/11 every morning and get me a Big Brew, the 24 oz. cup of coffee they vend at that fine merchant. I never got why she did this, and I also never knew how she was so aware that I was deathly […]

“An Account of My Night on November 8, 2016”

I moved down here to Terre Haute, Indiana (a city which yes, has correctly predicted the presidential election winner every election since World War II) three months ago, from my hometown of South Bend, Indiana, and in this entire three months, I have yet to have a day whereupon I had nothing to do. Every […]

“The Pod is Broken and Glued and the Peas Are Rolling on the Floor”

It is the final surrender of government to money. This ultimate control comedy show has given birth to a perfect epitome of America — A sneering “cool kid” with no compassion, A biting incisor to exact on the world, In the minds of millions of helpless, cloistered, Overworked voters, Every bit the anger they feel […]

“Carnivore for Hallmark Cards”

I want to grab this mouse that’s running around in my apartment and throw it out the back door into the yard, like I did with one a month or so ago, but it looks so cute. The particular moments at which it looks so cute are when it’s scared witless of me catching it, […]

“The Day Rushes into the Night Like Candied Plaster”

Just once I’d like to see you, Instead of going into that computer lab and checking that e-mail, Go out into the parking lot And do that dance where you’re climbing up the tree In your sports jersey Like one of the antiquated rustic men We see in our dreams . But I know, This […]

“A Systematic Rejection of Exactly Half of the Colour Spectrum”

Eventually you just get used to it. The life becoming a nonstop reality of checking e-mails and waiting, the passing endless empty, nondescript and ominous buildings, the girls walking around in the tight pants and acting as if they are wearing actual clothes — it all gets tucked away, and like a squirrel, you get […]