Monthly Archives: March 2016


Our shop (and I called it a shop) overlooked a vacuum repair joint and a lens fitters. Sure, it was sort of a regret of mine. If it had been my choice… I always liked houses — the personal aspects of looking in and seeing people nuking frozen lasagna. With the commercial zone being the […]

“Book Lists: How ‘bout Quality over Quantity”

I love getting a list of like “The 75 Best Books of All Time.” It’s like great, now all I have to do is read 75 books. That doesn’t sound that hard. Ya know, I hate to be a “killjoy,” but the whole thing does reek a bit of “name-dropping.” And of course, all of […]

“Nearing an Ashtray”

Would I narrow to a mania of fellows When constantly upon every thought The way I’m made is that my mind Is trodden by the bellowing smoke Of unexplainable quarries, . And if the time for the rocks to shine Should revolve back to prominence, It will as always have been a foolish game of […]


The ill fever so clean, Like woodland graces besets you With starlight mints for your flank sides And tunics behind your nostrils . While for every disarray Which is to some a stasis, You will capture a hook in hand, Being ignited and not knowing you are . For having subsisted on your own vibes, […]

“A Planet Falls Alone in Outer Space”

So now as I sit here In the cabaret, . I wonder at the sentimental rudiments Of that man who holds the pipe, Of the man who wolds the lute, Who’s spinning that wool of sound And who will take what he can, Will plunder celestial harkings, . As to if those harkings Come smoldering […]

“On a Windswept Cog”

Stories of tragedy gain In my mind valence Gradually and increasingly As they in semantic relevance To my own life Pronounce themselves.

“Just Vibing on Literary Theory (or Chafing its Shins, to Be Exact)”

I still remember literary theory class in college. Hell, no I don’t. That was the class with the paper I missed for massive inebriation at the GZA concert the night before. You’re welcome, literary theory. It saved you the facial expression I was going to make to you. My apathy was a gift. Ladies and […]

“Those Girls from around the Way”

Those girls from around the way, They’re not perfect — . They’re from this town where people lie, Where businesses board up, A town of all these charities That will be dead next year, Some fat guy putting more $ in his trust fund — . They were meant not to have their thoughts furnished […]

“The White Chickens Roamed During One Man’s Quest for Truth”

So they killed some people and pumped the Ford Excursions. Let’s forgive ‘em, it didn’t happen to us. You lose a lot to time, you know. I want to live long enough to see a young man grow up. I have no idea how they do it either.

“Serial Detritus”

To move metaphysically Without the shell, And with love, Is my ultimate goal, . Sending my head Sweaty like a bison Into the hog-worn snow When I wrestle with the care of the world And pin it to the ground, It crumbles in my hands.