Monthly Archives: May 2016

“The Candid Pantomime”

In enacting its duty, The net in form unveils what is the hidden mystery, A life processional too rapacious of the senses To stand a battle of reason, A snail to the turgid nebula Wedged in the waxing figure Of a crying ghost.

“What I Saw When I Decided to Skip the Book Discussion”

I stroll down to the park, getting ready to roll a cigarette. There’s a girl on a run, stretching by the river. She senses me coming up, senses some people around her, and then goes full force into her lunge, knowing balance only in the moment’s extremes. With a slight smile, I glide past a […]

“Continuous Lethal Explosions”

By the time you see another Brothel poster, By the time you hear Another joke of hopeless nothing, You will realize . By the time they just Stare, and stare, That the logic was really a dead end Like . At the day’s decline You are just cattle too, Given “freedom” In exchange for . […]

“On Lilac Vases”

Like the color And like the light And like the intent that you first saw, Before you formed your bitternesses, Your hard self, Her ears and eyelashes presage action, Mimic the future’s fancies And echo and nurture What the rest of the world rightly Sees as a hare brained masquerade.

“Making Cascades of Sands”

Life — This is the life thing.. And life is what happened before life, And life is what will happen . After life is over.

“When the Palms Fly”

Insanity Is like a refraction Of the will Where Instead of dissipating, It actually grows stronger to where Wild horses couldn’t drag the person away From themselves.

“Well Drawn Confusions”

Eliminating the fun from my day Because I’m afraid of giving off energy, Afraid that my vibes will spill out bacteria On the veranda, . Or anywhere else, a lot of these Sacred spaces . In this sterile land, a Land where they try, And try, And Still Hardly Get anything right, . I think […]

“Forgoing the Velvet Couch”

That time I was laying my head on the banister there, I needed that so bad, And then you fudged up the process By asking if I was alright And now I don’t trust you To walk us through this life By parking us in front of the TV And making us just like everyone […]

“Cloud Coverings”

Sometimes I feel like I’m on an assembly line — I don’t have to tell you. You see the race in mad drifts Of . Temporary assemblage, People panic coated and This . Is why They . Band together, to numb The ache of quicksand.

“Next Entrance Ramp”

Eventually, the question has to come up, Be posed: is the world within we live, righteous? A man is righteous, I think, . If he’s able to be patient with his fellow, And coax from there all the goodness, End a person’s pain. . And in this pain’s exodus There is the human connection Like […]