Monthly Archives: January 2020

Here Comes Precariousness”

The Best Buy employee comes over when I’m already talking to the girl About the new phone I can’t afford and The new service I can’t afford –   The purpose of his encountering the girl is in order to hit on her.   He correctly answers her question I was asking and I’m trying […]

“Listening to Lower Dens”

The world is throwing robust cavities of fire Up at your jaw for being who you are And you will stand among them and continue to reflect Whatever of the stars’ refraction you can scrape from your happenstances, You a walking pillar of wet paint In wrong decision powder  

“Montana is One Place, I Suppose”

Nobody would see that girl And not think she was the meaning of life — . How sophisticated and curved her face is But how opaque, How wild, unpredictable And unknowable with those tinted eyes, Those squat eyes that sit in the middle of a volcano Asking only to peer out as she is . […]


Every mode of living, Every happenstance of existence, It would seem, Would offer certain flaws, Obviated by the fact that Said existence doesn’t last forever . And in our current sector the long hours of labor Work their poisons on our minds and dispositions But we love the personal aspects of the pay check — […]