Monthly Archives: December 2016

“Five Years Old”

The sense of urgency on the part of others to make life seem good, and lively, and to express the self with intricate and morally commendable methods, befell the psyche of a five year old girl, in a modern age, as if she were extending her ankles so as better to feel the summer breeze. […]

“A Fern on the Coffee Table”

Art Is the activity Of wresting back for your own What the world has said Isn’t yours.

“Cross Walk Shiver”

And then, they will tell you that when you Grow up, You will find what you want in life And find success Which of course presupposes Everybody not being full of sh** With smirking faces and deliberate disrespect The only seeming special of the day So isn’t it peculiar that The death of one hated […]

“The People Who Love You”

Obviously, This is the last thing you’d ever want to think about — Preferring beings which actually have a function, Beings like animals Brandishing rapid, forceful slaps and noogies In kindergarten classrooms, . So how the rest of us Will wash up on the shore when Our time of this miracle is up And our […]

“The Droll, Curious Consumer Market Stuck in Time: Children’s Books”

I could tell my mom was uneasy when I told her I was looking at a Shel Silverstein book. We were both living with my grandmother at the time. My music collection included The Field’s album From Here We Go Sublime and Throwing Muses’ album Limbo, and my mom’s boyfriend would describe me as “that […]

“Is it a Truth in Doll Gloves”

We are more complex than we know what to do with, And we are more beautiful than we know what to do with — The only necessary erring, As we know, Being the inevitable failure to process All this beauty, All this possibility, All this urge to kill and all this Urge to find a […]

“My Conclusion on the Trump Election: Despite Being the Imperial Boor, Most Americans are Still Afraid of the Rest of the World”

In the election of new President of the United States of America Donald Trump, we have the first ever American instance of an elect not having any political experience whatsoever. The only even remote comparable would probably be Ronald Reagan, who, although enjoying a measurable career as a Hollywood actor, did at least serve as […]

“On Necessity, Ornament, Worship and Light, in No Particular Order”

A drapery of vast gray Cloaked the late November sky. The people moved around rapidly, Without talking, Edging toward a sterility which In their minds was the right thing to do. The goal was to avoid noteworthiness — To avoid disaster, To avoid a news story, Avoid anything that would be memorable, Because being at […]

“Eve in the Time of Passion”

There, Every day, We’re faced with ourselves — The limitations of our bodies, The excessive aspects of our bodies, And over and over We can choose to shun the ordeal And to accept light and faith — . To let Go Of . The self and accept love If the love is truly there And […]

“Almond Candy Beams Made for Ghost Stories”

I came back home Again Like a diseased, Leather-made urchin Pining for the crows And knowing only the next Skin waste depot For his shameful transcendence Opening up any shout spot, Turning any key To view the euphoria Of yesteryear, Things people were willing to give away In sludge wells, Dark, smoky rooms where Pigeons […]