Monthly Archives: April 2017

“To Plan, To Plan”

People will sometimes do things for the purpose of just exploration, or the zeal of living. This is something I realize — our bodies oxidize and we look around at the trees, it’s sometimes not a quest so much as it is a compulsion. In fact, reproduction is done in this exact mode. From this […]

“The Way Marbles and M&M’s Interact”

The loudest talker, He was the loudest talker, In the room, the loudest talker, He was In The Room and He was The loudest, Loudest talker in the room, And he said, . Pride always goes before the fall. . How’s that for irony. . Well, everything goes before the fall, Whereas the whole point […]

“This is Just the Way it is”

In places taking no vision Wielding like lackluster paint The bottom of the thought element, They Are so sure that they are grand, Bellowing to the masses With any little dance of vulgarity And the left foot’s scars Will paint themselves A thousand shades of night

“Swirling Dust”

All Will now be sequestered Within . The new essence of compulsion, Obviating The eventual conclusion . That existence is a flat, lying plane, Enshrouding your mind in the temporary vision That you are separate from other people