Monthly Archives: December 2014

“Tied to Your Success”

Sometimes I think that the most joyous occasions for humanity are when they’re finally allowed to take off more clothes in public. And this amounts to a hoarding. Eventually, in this way, you see how there never was a sharing — those who continue to live, live long, prosper, have beautiful, well-off kids, do so […]

“The Scat Box”

It’s over here… ‘Cause I gotta keep an eye on what they’re doin’, There have always been those than me more physically able, But there’s always been a system to things, And I have a way of reflecting things just with my eyes.


That one little nugget of beauty That just confronted you, That might be all you get this whole year, The fair face of the woman walking Made prominent By the rich, gray sky, You walk within your grooves, You’ve feasted on a rapturous qualm of God’s, And now you are the feasted, Now you lay […]

“Impending Tsunami”

There’s a cold wind blowing As I save face From the other side of the canyon Nestled deep in March Across Oceans And rifts, And on the other side of the planet, As dogs bark And man Opens A cold gray sky For your vision quest.

“Resignation to Imperfection”

It’s funny, ‘cause as I get older, it’s not like Bukowski said, that “The same problems will continue to plague you,” it’s more like the teens said in the movie Manic, that “You solve one problem, and then another one pops up. This is how people end up in wards. It’s a great movie. I’m […]

“The English Major’s Defense of Restaurant Work”

Sick of this new Eminem sh**. Music is dead. I’m tellin’ you, I got pretty definitive evidence. Two years ago, I hated that Taylor Swift song more than life itself. Now, I find myself abiding it. At ends of long workadays, in times of moral compromise, I’m forced to use my left brain to survive […]

“The First Upholstery”

The maps are lain out With elegiac grace But the world is all ours And we are to scamper across it, . Celestial light from The passed Burgeoning intuition Within our sense of direction, As we turn off the lights To hear the buzzing subside And we leave the room

“Buy the New Sh**”

Even with all the discussions of ass-licking, I couldn’t think of a place in my town where I could go buy a Stanley utility knife, But there is a new cell phone store right there, And really I have no problems, But that they haven’t converted the old building into a skate park yet, And […]

“Distant Summer”

Sweet smells are there, And you lie with a drink, facing The deep rays Of the sun that are ashen, Black and gold, This is your life now, Ignoring everyone, Just say the word and you shall be healed.


In my life, I’ve found, lots of things are just objectification. Like if a girl sits next to me after my shift and has a beer, what matters is just that a girl is sitting there, or if she says something to me and laughs, what matters is this quantifiable tidbit. But people can give […]