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“Master and Slave”

Sometimes it seems To me All my achievements in life Lead to overproduction of skin cells And to itching and scratching And For all the purple corridors and rooms I’ve traversed I’m always Once again Subservient to those little microbial organisms On my skin Without which I would not be me and Which laugh as […]

“The Philosophy of Camping”

Do I want to go camping or not? I have no idea. I have no idea whether or not I like camping. I always adamantly adored it as a youth with my dad hating it. I was thinking about getting a tent. Unfortunately, anyway, I’ve never pitched one in my life. It seemed like diffusing […]

“Blond Hair and Teeth”

I feel as if in the presence of divinity Around girls who are kind, Friendly, Laugh at things sympathetically And love animals. . I feel their hearts As they traverse majestic space Like a transcendent multiplicity of identity That is exciting for its aesthetic beauty And soothing for its lack of ambition . As well-behaved […]

“Untitled 369”

I am dispatching to you today from the celestial, eternal glacier of foolishness, whereupon I will forever keep changing my direction, my motives, my disposition, color and shape, and will marvel, always, about how somebody managed to get those creatures so obsessed with sex. They swam around in a circular motion within a closed course […]

“It’s 66 Degrees out and Sunny”

There was this girl today in Whole Foods Issuing an ear-piercing, vitriolic Peal of screaming for About seven minutes or so. . The dad was standing there Not really doing much of anything, Just attempting to reprimand the girl, Basically. . It just made it worse. . I heard something she uttered During the din […]

“In a Rock Band”

She took the low road Full of sand and mud And now her face is but a mask. . The camera never really flashes to her And when it does It’s like it still didn’t flash to her. . She is a walking indication Of what it’s like to give up, To set the exclamation […]

“Sociological Equations”

Birth plus ennui Equals classical music. . Globalization Plus economic depletion Equals jazz. . Globalization plus Economic depletion Plus defunding of public schools’ Music programs in New York Equals hip-hop. . Slavery Equals Gospel. . Slavery Plus globalization Equals rock and roll. . Globalization Plus something Equals country… . I’m not sure what or where […]

“A Moral Quandary”

I saw this post I like on Facebook But I’m not sure if I should like the page. . They might think I’m creepy. . And they might be the benefactor of my will. . And they might be The party that decides Whether or not my life insurance plan Kicks in After I die. […]


Perhaps, short of actually finding a legitimate flaw in you, they were simply not fully adept at showing mirth and good will, or were unprepared to do so at the time.

“After Exiting Miami County”

Over the glaze of An abyss of country plain I glide, the look In the eye Of the bald eagle Napalmed Into my disposition As he seems to say, “Don’t think about me.”