Monthly Archives: July 2016

“A Hymn for Blockades”

All of this consciousness is the same, That’s what LSD teaches us — All of this energy comes from the same big, brown, bulbous mutation, Knowing comfort only in this sprawling life, The obliviousness to itself it’s now come to blend With virtue and scripture on a blind afternoon, And an inept girl gives you […]

“Sawdust and Smoke”

It’s marijuana, And then we are maligned assemblages, Erector set like bundles of unscrupulous worldliness, Set to ambulate and gesticulate under the theoretical canopy of “virtue,” Which, one must admit, marijuana will help us toward As we continue To wonder what the point of THAT will be, Anyway.

“Stories of Eating Too Much”

Hi folks, tonight by all accounts I’ve eaten too danged much, and just wanted to vent a little bit about it on this friendly forum (since I can’t seem to “vent” any of this unneeded mass from my despicable stomach right now). When you eat too much beer helps with the digestion, like drinking two […]


An onomatopoeia Is a poem Of virulent 1987 tenacity.

“Everything is Still”

The effeminate hangs from a girl’s beads While traffic of obligations stirs the masses, And from my perfect understanding of the weather As a toothless outsider I will praise lustful projects, Will bleed every ounce of me to flea market traders On forgotten, Mozart days, The clamoring of the wrens on the topic of our […]

“Narrowing the Scope”

Around every corner, I Find Journeys into the enrapturing truth, . Like being born Again and being naked though Still On this ride from . Albumen to knowledge, All knowledge, Paralyzed with a deific Eye on what should have been, Blessed, harmonic fanfare.