Monthly Archives: April 2021

“Sunshine Sammy Says / Part 63 / 04.25.2021”

*Sunshine Sammy returns: “Why don’t you wanna fu** Missy Elliott, di**head?” . Why don’t you wanna fu** Missy Elliott, di**head? You too good to fu** her there, homie? You have to come on to her so we can sell this song that goes “Put your thing down / Flip it and reverse it”. Whew! You’re […]

“Life in Deadly Times”

I am holding my phone At my front window, . I am taking a picture and I am cropping the picture, afterward On my phone. . I am looking at the picture And all it illustrates such as A tree with new apple blossoms, Half-formed April grass and some Lilting Spring leaves on the Budding […]


The hills are alive With the sound of consumers Stepping within products Into a uniform reality That everyone acknowledges But frowns at Like Coolio But look how the people glare When you walk by doing you, Their whole constitutions Given to an earthquake of want And look at all the times The smiling lady in […]

“A Still Transmission”

The cosmological waves of the universe Ripple and undulate in the stead Of her all-informing presence, With eyes like electric avenues Of composite signals Which take in and inform, Now morphed to exclusive informants by The way the sunglasses fall on her face.


Kindness is not innate. It is Something We do Because we believe In it. It is An ideal Of which animals are incapable and It carries enough intrigue to typically Act as an ethos Of itself.