Monthly Archives: November 2020

“Gathering Acorns”

To develop and wield an ego Is to rationalize, To . Make rational your current situation Of life on earth as a human being. . Without this rationalized explanation Of your predicament, Your thoughts, your feelings and your Conceptions of this vituperative reality, . You would be Crushed under the constant malady of Your conception […]


I’ve become obsessed with process. I think it just comes from creating so many things over the years — from poems, to blog posts, to what ever the everyday things might be that men create. The pinnacle of the feeling comes at the beginning of the creation process, when I get an idea. From there, […]

“Art Glut”

Art is the systematic manifestation Of internally conversing, cerebrally sequenced Mimeses which Together . Act as Replacements for the Nurturing secretions from the World or the mind . Which would harbor an environment For transcendence or Procreation.