Monthly Archives: August 2020

“Those Stacked-up Chairs Look Pretty Good, There”

Huh? Yeah, I like what you ’ ve done with the place. Those chairs are stacked up on that cart, big, soft chairs, one upside – down and resting on the other one which is right – side up. Things are changing. Human hands put those chairs there, on the cart, like that. Those human […]

“Let the Records Play”

The gay, bald, shaved-headed man Walks into the underside Of the suburban town And I look at him   For the same reason Why I listen to The Velvet Underground: He is the velvet, underground,   And I Know he will   Not bring me down as his Gait is focused   But his mouth […]


As a man I am composed of many layers And at my core I must admit lies Kiersten, As the layers we carry Every day As our skin Wind up morphing Into The Psychedelic stars of another, Inevitably, Anyway, And becoming interchangeable with them.   Kiersten was a wiry, Slender, Honest woman of 27 in […]