Monthly Archives: October 2016

“Twizted Kidz”

* Happy Halloween, everyone! I couldn’t help it: Virginia Tech was playing Virginia again in football. I HAD to leave the house for another chunk of five hours, in the middle of the day. Of course, when I came home at eight, I really should have noticed that my fly was open. Also, the carton […]


The objects we see around us — The streetsigns, the buildings and the lightposts — They SUGGEST events, they suggest feelings, Destinations, purposes like rivers for the gratifying fording, . And so with the envisioning of this transformation Comes an anxiety unbearable and bequeathing of self-concept, To the point where you’ll do ANYTHING just to […]

“Weaving in and out of Sedans”

You entered life And all you ever found was A bunch of people wondering At what life is, . Between taking orders Under two timing moons . And at the mad charade’s end You realized That it all took place in under one second, In the springing jolt of a man’s hand To his face.


One time out in Colorado we saw a house burning. It was the end of a long day (aren’t they all) canvassing in an environmental campaign in suburban Denver, and we were headed back into the city, a group of four of us, by car. Someone remarked, “Whoa, look at that,” and a couple of […]

“It Takes All Kinds”

I see it every time I walk up to those glass doors — I look in your office, hoping for just one more clue on how to live, how to wrest my life out of the biting grasp of candy bar dietetics, of turning down the thermostat in winter, of living a second class existence. […]

“My Heart Here Made of Jelly”

Somehow, we coaxed one more coked up op rock song out of the slow dive war vets, And with faces like waxen marionettes They march to set into flowing Veritable wormwood From moments we never saw.

“A Streaky Black Coupe”

I heard some men talking in the main room, as I began to ascend the wooden staircase. The building was old, and so the walls, though full of character, were obscure, shanty. As I drew closer to the huddle of men gathered around an isolated table in the main, well-lit room, it became apparent to […]

“Definitions of Words”

* Irony – An element of a situation which entails outcomes different from those implied by the composing premises of the situation. * Metaphor – A comparison of a described word to an image-garnering word using language to indicate correlation, not just similarity (as in a “simile”).