Monthly Archives: April 2016

“The Cold of Late April”

The sky unzips its sweater, now, Creating a haze I knew all along To be part and parcel with my lymph node dynamics, Come to tire . The caloric valves of the man-made forest We drive by in petroleum apparatuses, Hoping not to hear the music Assembled stoically by the young trees, The naive fruit […]

“At What Point Will You Crumble in My Hands Like Snow in One of Those Nativity Scene Crystal Ball Thingies”

Per the script, It all ties together: The talking, The entrance into the apartment, The light refracting off shoulderblades And the endless trail . Of fantasy, Or the mind’s need for fantasy When having broken The clouds’ rhapsody Is a sun-scorched reality: Of us all governed by fear, Of seeing plain as day That this […]

“Holidays Walk with Months”

The thought took hold of me slowly, As it can only to the drugged, During welterweight spring in Bloomington, Indiana Where words pour out of the assembly hall doors, And you have to sweep them, supervise them, They are unemployed, it just took A telepathic message from my mother back home Bought cheap by Judas […]

“Suspension Paths”

After self-indoctrinations On paper cups of ice and cola On early Wednesday nights, . An endeavor upon which The thoughts pull YOU To their own happenstance outlay Of watchdog hope, . The state of being right In which you take everything seriously Only obviates the need for further rightness, Need bred from need’s fulfillment.

“Song Man”

By the time the siphon fuse Hits one centimeter of his build And the wind insists That the world turned on a dime of his mill, He’s already Once again a regular person, Looking logically and in rote gait For a safe domicile in which to Arrange the municipal foliage twigs In aboriginal, muted plexus.

“Afterward Patterns”

In Tones, the pocket of favoring Harpsichords with lashes a new melody Which will overtake billy goat Sermon hustlers amidst valleys of cattle . The New Testament over, Though for me the entrance Into that last moment And the next moment I’ll feel is the challenge, Equipped with the ability to negate The very concept […]