Monthly Archives: December 2020

“Bad Actress”

Oh, bad actress, You emit a spiritual odor That’s unapproachable But I love you anyway . And it’s not even that I love you for trying — I love you for how you hide, For how you’re disappointed by Whole Foods cashiers For no reason, How you . Don a flannel shirt and jeans In […]


Once upon a time Somebody saw somebody gyrating And creating various Rhythmic, physical mishaps in No Particular direction at all And thought to Themselves, this Is an art, “Dance,” And So An Art was born out of The absurd and the surreal And the Surreal encompassed the Blinding generosity of Baring herself to the Stone, gluttonous […]

“A 2020 Stadium Opening in Las Vegas”

The weather tiptoes a sterile path From dusty chalk to blinding sheen But you would not know it Trespassing . On the plastic grass So professionally smattered in Perfect emulation of What’s come before like an Ant farm terrarium, . The sun paralyzed and Spat back on the windows 700 Feet off the field and […]

“You Can Feel Some Shame about Your Bodies, Women. It’s Not the End of the World.”

This isn’t something I’m going to make too emphatic of a case about because with me being a guy it’s not REALLY any of my business, but I thought a word or two on the issue might be appropriate toward providing a sociological perspective on our current time and also alleviating what I see as […]