Monthly Archives: June 2021

“The Haves and the Have-Nots”

There is this homeless-looking dude sitting outside the cafe window. When he glares at me, I nod obediently, and then slam down my computer charger, out of frustration. I’m at the cafe because we’re out of power at my house after a rampant little episode of powerful vituperation on the part of the gods in […]

“Turbo Jet Engine”

I haven’t seen Ben in about half an hour. He was up there singing “Hit Me with Your Best Shot” on karaoke and then a couple minutes later I saw that dark-haired, tattooed girl pressing her tit against him and talking to him. Sure we’d hooked up a couple times. I remember really liking how […]


With each new pressing day The charms and ornaments of life Float up to their consciousnesses and Eventually become detritus, pure Syntax to be sneezed on and Discarded and sometimes You See a piece Of a subservient of a sum and You are not in the wrong but it is Life that has made catharsis […]

“The Ephemeral”

The paradigm of life Tells us to achieve and To own and One thing we’re Supposed to own Is people — wives, Husbands, nieces and Florists but Ennui and The erratic Flow like the Cedar Rapids And Nothing Will Smile at you Like the one-eyed, crooked Paraplegic lobster On the hot, Sweltering sidewalk who Can […]

“I Changed My Reality”

All over the baseball league In every game They were denouncing the disease “ALS” Which stands for something Of which I’m not sure . And now here’s this sanguine dude With a bizarre, contrived facial expression Ejaculating any number of bland, Stock responses to questions, . He funded the project, . He wants to beat […]