Monthly Archives: October 2015


To meet a new being, One that doesn’t know my sin slathering, Has immobile chaise, immobile face, Contorts over to see me and smile With blue eyes, To be this person, Looking only at the ground and Demystifying The shiny period Should be a splendor To mark Out harmony on a B flat scale

“Race in a Sling”

Rock music is a way of ever changing people, So people who want to be changed, Gravitate to it. . But nobody can give too much, The giver gets angry, There Under mounds of flame.

“Liquid Terrarium”

When she sees us, Like a tigress, We behold what is Hopefully a new era Of joy and splendor, Which shall emanate Off of her blond hair, An effervescent Canopy of bliss shrapnel, So arbitrary in jibing With our own confusion, Which dissipates in Full effect of sneers.

“At the Stage Bazaar”

Guided by rays In chime tizzies Gulped by moments smaller Than babies’ hairs, . This new cavalcade Of ocular plant life Will make protections, Sheltering under bogs of reality . But oh so bandying, They might be you Caught cuffed and climbing walls, Rightness’s honey combs


How can something on the outside Light me from within, . And why is it that time is moving forward If what we’re moving toward is that beacon, That garden of the past containing splendor, All we need as earthly harmonies Crash on our eyelids

“PM’s on the Phone to AM”

If there were some essence, I would think it would come from England… . And I don’t really know why, I just look upon this meadow now, Which doesn’t really look like much, Just like the Sex Pistols’ songs don’t really look like much, On paper, . Just like us dancing, Under lights, Doesn’t really […]

“Just Before Sunset”

We’ve got food on the table, And we’ve got love in our hearts, So we have it all, . But it wasn’t always like this, And don’t let anyone fool you, Telling you you just need one, And not the other.

“A New Flood”

Nothing uttered in a bar is ever a lie, And when I go to the liquor store, I see the gems of humanity, And all is assembly, Wills transfixed on constructing morales, Having tasted so much of Intelligent movement with eyes, Pierced with acceptance’s lack, Keeping hold out for more moving, Crossing street signs.

“Christ Promenade”

The thing about Jesus Is that I KNOW people, And no one’s perfect. . Jesus would glare at me, I know it, Beyond a shadow of a doubt. . I can see him there, In front of an American flag, He keeps singing for that thing, Sings it when he clocks in for work Finds […]

“A Remonstrance by a Viaduct”

A pestilence attacks you from the inside, and used vertices, straight lines, to defeat you. The pestilence knows you. Its atoms mimic and mock you, a living strain from fury sands that proves the obliteration of goodness on earth. An angel can see you, but she cannot help you, she can only reflect what you […]