Monthly Archives: November 2014

“The Trick”

I once had this friend. He was a little insane. As far as I knew, he never went to the city, and since I’ve known him he’s migrated to the smaller town, to the east. Lots of times, he wouldn’t say what was on his mind, but rather something else. But he had the hardened […]


Looking Upon the broad stroke, You see The difference Between The amount of times you Knew The right Thing to Do, and the amount of times you did it.


There’s Nothing To dig Into But meat And it’s Fresh, Up from the canyons pined.


Money and the foment, I guess, Here again, As Uneaten food Slides Off the plate.

“We’re Better Now”

I drink a Dr. Pepper At the pinball arcade, Mischievous Fun unraveling all Night long, my Bic Pen Refracting Light As the plant laments the loss of the mountains.

“Richard Stanz”

It was always something, always another black person making fun of me for taking a dump, or telling me how big his genitals were, and then I’d have to go up in front of the class and make a speech, my whole body shaking, I cowered in my room smoking weed and they called the […]

“On Tingling Joints”

On a house That’s our Home, is our home The Setting sun From pool to pool, News Reel To reel At which We Smile, Braced in disbelief.

“On a Crisp Autumn”

You know the trees are right, That’s why you want to live in a house by the lake, . But still here in my home Every moment Is a cliff, We Can Never fully abide The simple bliss of the Oaken to be made furniture.